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We can charter a helicopter for you in accordance with your requirements, whether you are an estate agent, surveyor or basically a homeowner wanting a picture for your lounge wall. We can set you up with camera equipment to your specification as well as offer you in flight expert help and advice.

Aerial Filming Helicopter Charter

Aerial filming is, by it's very nature, complex and generally expensive. But in the right hands it can also deliver some spectacular shots adding to the production value of your project.

Aerial Survey Helicopter Charter

Aerial surveys using helicopters is ideal for Rail, Road, Pipeline and Grid surveying. Companies such as The London Underground, the Environment agency, Traffic masters, Corporation of London and the National Grid find the efficiency and need for chartering helicopters for this purpose. LiDAR laser altimetry and Thermal imaging are two areas of growth in aerial surveying. Helicopters give the opportunity to fly at heights of 750ft over congested/built up areas at a speed to pick up the most detailed information

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