Helicopter Charter Southampton – St Mary’s Stadium

Charter a helicopter to watch Southampton (or your team playing against Southampton) will require suitable helicopter landing site near St Mary’s to allow you to arrive at the game in good time with minimal ground transport requirements.

This is not always possible as helicopters require a good amount of space, permissions and depending on the helicopter being used can determine what the helicopter and pilot can do to ensure we comply with all the safety regulations required.

Below are a list of helicopter landing sites for helicopter hire or helicopter charter flights near St Mary’s Stadium

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3.47 miles – Southampton Airport
Southampton Airport, Southampton SO18 2NL, UK

5.09 miles – Botley Park Hotel/Golf/Country Club
Winchester Rd, Boorley Green, Southampton SO32 2UA, UK

5.24 miles – Steeple Court Farm
Steeple Court, Church Ln, Botley, Southampton SO30 2EQ, UK

7.95 miles – Meon Valley Golf/Country Club
Sandy Ln, Shedfield, Southampton SO32 2HQ, UK

7.75 miles – Lime Wood Hotel
Beaulieu Rd, Lyndhurst SO43 7FZ, UK