Helicopter Hire UK and Europe

Charter-a Ltd provides helicopter hire in the UK. Helicopter hire for business, corporate or private flight requirements. Indeed, working in a speedy, trustworthy and thoughtful manner. Based on our experience and knowledge. We offer you the most cost-effective helicopter hire and meet your exact flight requirements.

Do you want to arrive in a helicopter for dining out, a helicopter business trip or a corporate day out to a sporting event such as Silverstone? No matter how many passengers wish to fly, we will accommodate you.

Private helicopter hire is more popular than ever. Indeed, over the past few years, Helicopters have grown in popularity as a form of transport that gives you time back. Helicopter hire from London to Birmingham means a time saving of around 2 hours. This means a meeting can be held in the morning.

Helicopter charter costs have become more accessible and business owners understand the time-saving constituent when moving people.

Our fleet of helicopters. We charter helicopters to the highest standard and monitor every helicopter charter with a diverse fleet of twin and single-engine helicopters across the UK, including London, Manchester and Birmingham. A UK Civil Aviation Authority Air operator certificate flies all helicopter flights.

Allow Charter-a to manage your helicopter charter.


Our helicopter charter team apply attention to detail, making sure you get exactly what you want and when you want.

A concierge-style service monitors every helicopter flight from start to finish, with a designated staff member ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Call for advice about your helicopter charter.

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