Business Helicopter charter

Business helicopter charter offers the perfect combination of convenience, luxury, and speed for corporate and business travellers. It provides a hassle-free alternative to traditional air travel. Allowing clients to reach their destination in a fraction of the time. With helicopters available for rent or hire. Companies can easily access remote locations that are otherwise inaccessible via regular flights.

Businesses looking to make the most of their time can benefit from helicopter charter services. Offering the ultimate in convenience and luxury. Whether you need to travel between multiple cities or just one location. A helicopter charter is an ideal solution for those who value speed and comfort during their travels. Ideal for helicopter transfers between airports and city centres.

Example: Your offices are based in Manchester and you have an important meeting in London at 10:00 am Monday morning. Do you avoid the traffic and leave at 06.00hrs? Maybe go by train but still need to leave the house at the same time. Or travel down on Sunday and stay overnight in an expensive hotel with car parking issues. Then after the meeting has concluded make your way back through the city traffic and tackle the M25 before the long journey back on the motorway

My chosen option: Wake up have breakfast with the family arrive at the heliport at 08:30. Arrive in good shape for your meeting. Then immediately after the meeting head either home or back to your Manchester office to finalize any other work that you needed to do!


Another example is the importance of helicopter hire for businesses.

Travelling into London can be a struggle by car, train or the underground. So why not utilize the London heliport at Battersea? We use Battersea for helicopters to avoid all of the above. We can have a car waiting for you to get you to your meeting, restaurant, hotel or theatre in good time. We also provide helicopter airport transfers from various airports within the UK, especially airports such as Luton, Stansted, Biggin Hill, Farnborough and Gatwick.