Licenced Helicopters


We are pleased to offer private helicopter charters with licenced pilots and CAA Approved helicopters, from single-engine 3-passenger seated helicopters to the ultimate 8-passenger seated AW139 or the Sikorsky s76c++.

We pride ourselves on ensuring we provide you with the right helicopter to suit your requirements. There are quite a few things to take into account to ensure what we offer is correct – for example, your helicopter options will be based on the number of passengers travelling, the distance of your flight, the time of year you are travelling and whether you are flying after sunset.

Aw139 8 seat Helicopter

AW139 Helicopter – 8 Passenger seat Helicopter

The AW139 helicopter has long set the standard for VIP helicopter transport, uniquely meeting the needs of discriminating clientele around the world. AW139 helicopter combines the flexibility and agility of a helicopter, with all the comfort, safety, and quietness of a luxury airliner.

Executive passengers will enjoy maximum headroom and the peace and quiet afforded by the AW139 ultra-comfortable interior, enabling them to transition effortlessly from office to helicopter, working and meeting in a setting that promotes productivity.

Agusta AW109 Grand – 6 Passenger Seat Helicopter

The Agusta Grand is a sleek and quiet corporate helicopter designed primarily for executive transport and is the fastest executive helicopter in its class. The finesse of the lines and the streamlined frontal area conceal one of the most luxurious helicopter cabins available. The Agusta Grand is able to accommodate up to 6 passengers in VIP luxury.

The A109 Grand offers an ideal business environment for the transfer of passengers and is considered the ultimate in corporate and executive transport. Equipped with twin engines, the Agusta Grand provides enhanced safety while being capable of flying in a variety of conditions.

Eurocopter EC1356 PASSENGER SEAT Helicopter

The aircraft is regarded as a sports car in the sky, with room for six passengers and space for a few soft-sided bags. The Eurocopter EC 135 has large sliding doors enabling passengers to board and exit easily. The executive configuration provides space for up to five passengers in the cabin or a sixth sitting up front with a single pilot. A popular helicopter for clients wishing to travel to sporting events as it does offer the wow factor upon entrance to any event

AS355 Twin Squirrel – 5 Passenger Seat Helicopter 

The Eurocopter Twin Squirrel (AS355) is a luxury twin-engine helicopter. Five passengers can be carried in total luxury and comfort which makes this robust and dependable aircraft ideal for a variety of tasks including the rapid transport of executives or key personnel. Fully equipped for instrument flying the Eurocopter Twin Squirrel is a perfect choice for night operations.