Helicopter Charter Goodwood

Clients from all over the world attend this great event at Goodwood and utilizing our helicopter hire service to Goodwood allows you to arrive in good time, avoid the huge traffic problems around Chichester and Goodwood and you can simply fly in from anywhere. Battersea heliport seems to be a popular location as clients staying in London saves them a two hour car journey. Although if you looking at a more cost effective departure point then look no further than Redhill Aerodrome, private parking and just 20mins helicopter charter to Goodwood

Helicopter Charter Goodwood Festival of Speed

The Goodwood Festival of Speed, commonly abbreviated as FOS and referred within the United Kingdom as simply the Festival of Speed, is an annual hill climb featuring historic motor racing vehicles that is held in the grounds of Goodwood House, West Sussex, England.

Typically held in late June or early July, the event is scheduled to fit into the motor racing calendar to avoid a date clash with the Formula One season, enabling not just fans but many teams involved in current motor racing championships to attend. Visitors can expect to see cars and motorbikes from over 100 years of worldwide motor racing history climb the hill, including many of the latest F1 machines. Aside from the machines, the event attracts a host of names from the past and present of motor racing, offering a rare chance to see world-famous names driving a wide range of cars.

Helicopter Hire Goodwood Revival

The Goodwood Revival is a three-day festival held each September at Goodwood Circuit since 1998 for the types of road racing cars and motorcycle that would have competed during the circuit’s original period. Completely emerse yourself in nostalgia and don’t miss a moment of the Goodwood Revival by travelling to Goodwood by helicopter. Your family or guest will never forgot the experience of avoiding the tight lanes and busy roads.