Clients travelling to the UK from Europe or other locations worldwide sometimes require a quick helicopter transfer to London and that’s whether they arrive by a commercial flight or a private jet. So the quickest and most suited transfer is by using a helicopter.

Charter-a provide regular helicopter transfers London from airports and airfield anywhere in the UK. So whether it’s a twin engine or single engine helicopter we have access to your requirements. Below are the airports that are popular pickup and drop-off locations when arriving to and from London.

Farnborough Airport – This is an airport for private transport, so has a high demand for overseas clients travelling to and from the UK. So clients travelling to London by road may take up to 1hr 30mins, whereas a helicopter transfer from Farnborough to London is 15mins.

Biggin Hill Airport – This is also a private airport and again helicopter transfers to London are always popular as the flight time from Biggin Hill to London in a helicopter is 8 mins.

Luton Airport – With Luton Airport has an outstanding private terminal whereby Signature (the handlers) offer V VIP services to make airport transfers simple. helicopter transfer to Battersea from Luton Airport takes around 20mins

Heathrow Airport – Now to land a helicopter at Heathrow is very expensive, so we always advise and offer a meet and greet service and then drive to our private site 10mins away to ensure the costs are kept as low as possible for a helicopter transfer from the Heathrow area to London, Battersea heliport.

Gatwick Airport – This large commercial airport does cater for helicopter transfers but again the cost is high, we always advise that we provide the meet and greet service and drive you 10mins to Redhill Aerodrome and fly directly into London which takes around 10mins.

Aw139 8 seat Helicopter

Where do we land in London?

Travelling into London by helicopter is simple and saves time by road.

The heliport used in London is The London Heliport which is situated in Battersea on the south side of the Thames. This is a very popular heliport for clients visiting London and generally, the heliport will only accept twin-engine helicopters such as the Eurocopter EC135, 155, AS355 Twin Squirrel or the Agusta model such as the Agusta Grand and the AW139